Storyteller Visuals is a group of filmmakers focused on Destination Weddings. We are dedicated to the art of visual storytelling and wedding day documentation. We are available for documenting wedding days worldwide. Our home location is the Florida Panhandle, and film many of our weddings in Pensacola, Navarre, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, 30A and Panama City Beach, FL. (We are also available for travel to anywhere else your story will unfold!)

Our mission, as a group of filmmakers, is to learn about each couple’s story. Where did your relationship begin? What makes your love special? How can we tell YOUR story in a film?

With each film and story we tell, we always keep our focus on an important value in the film community… Content is king. Stories are what matters. The story in a film is what makes any film worth watching. It’s what moves us, and touches our hearts. It’s what inspires us.

Yes, we love studying and learning all about the latest camera technology and film making techniques… But the cameras, the techniques, they’re only good to us if we apply them intentionally to better tell YOUR story. That’s what’s important. Your story.

Stories That Move

As you have probably gathered, the reasoning behind naming our group Storyteller Visuals is because our mission is to be more Storytellers than Film Makers, and we want to tell these stories in a way that moves and inspires others.

Our group of Film Makers, would love the opportunity to tell your story and create a wedding film that documents your wedding in a unique and beautiful way.

If you are interested in learning more about our available wedding film packages, please follow the link below:

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Meet Our Storytellers

Cameron Zane
Storyteller | Film Maker | Editor

Hey there!

I am the founder of Storyteller Visuals. I am very passionate in my work as a film maker. I love documenting wedding days because it’s such a happy and emotional time for people. I’m very drawn towards people with open hearts, and I really appreciate the friendships I’m able to develop with the couple’s that let me into their lives that day. They trust me to share in their special moments, and have confidence in my work. That is something I will not ever take for granted. My work as a Storyteller and Film Maker brings me so much fulfillment. To create something that another person will appreciate for the rest of their lives is one of the most rewarding feelings I’ve experienced.

Daniel Joseph
Storyteller | Film Maker | Drone Operator

I am in love with all things video. Using a camera to elicit emotion from an audience is very rewarding to me. And I want to inspire others to feel the same gratification that I do when working on a film. That is why I am always looking for new angles and different perspectives on things that some people might see every day. I love shining new light on something ordinary, to make it feel extraordinary.

In search to find the extraordinary of somethings so common, I acquired my FAA Small Unmanned Aircraft Certificate. This has allowed me to use drones to get my eyes in the sky, and really change the whole look of something I could be standing right in front of.

My goal is to make sure nothing is missed out during a wedding, or an event. And to do so cinematically, passionately, and professionally.