Welcome to Storyteller Visuals wedding tips for soon to be married folks. Here we will provide you with tips on wedding day events and how we can work together to make your wedding film the best that it can be.

These are some wedding tips of things you should do on your wedding day:

1. Have a “First Look”

  • What are first looks? When a couple decides to do a first look, they choose to see each other before the Wedding Ceremony, with no one else around. (Except the Videographer and Photographer of course!) Yes, this goes against wedding tradition… Is it worth it? Absolutely. Why? When a Bride and Groom does a first look, it allows them to share an intimate moment together before all the wedding day craziness. It will help you both relax and enjoy the rest of your wedding day more. Having a First Look also allows the Videographer and Photographer to capture some truly special and beautiful moments that you may not otherwise get. If you’re down to have a First Look, trust us, we are too!

2. Write letters to each other

  • Our goal as filmmakers is to tell your story. One of the sweetest, most intimate way to do this, is to film you both reading aloud a letter written to your better half. Now, we love when couples do this face to face, standing in front of one another during their First Look, but you may also choose to read your letters at a different point separately before the Ceremony. Whichever way you decide to do it, we promise, if you write letters to each other, it’s going to make for a better video!

3. Write Personal Vows

  • During your Wedding Ceremony, you’ll be asked to exchange vows. You can choose to simply repeat standard vows to each other, or,  you can write personal vows. We recommend the latter. Why? Again, from a filmmakers viewpoint, writing personal vows will help tell a better story in your wedding film. It’s real, it’s heartfelt, it’s emotional. These are the moments we want to capture during your wedding day.

4. Exit the Ceremony in Celebration

  • Ceremony is over, you’ve had your first kiss as a married couple, it’s time to celebrate! All we’re saying is, throw your hands up, smile, laugh, kiss, dance. Oh, and give some confetti or bubbles to the guests so they can celebrate too! This is just one small detail that will make your video that much better!

5. Give the Videographer and Photographer Plenty of Time!

  • Look we know it’s your wedding, but we’re going to be a little selfish on this one. We love what we do, and our favorite part of the day is when we get the new married couple all to ourselves for those epic shots everyone loves. We understand all weddings have timelines and it’s our job to get what we need within the time given, we’re just politely asking for as much time as you can give us, so we give you the most beautiful wedding film as possible! You will most likely be hungry, tired and just want to go party, but trust us, it’ll be worth it!

6. Get the Most Out of Your Toasts

  • This wedding tip is mostly for your wedding film. Chances are the Best Man, Maid of Honor, or another member of the wedding party or family will be giving a speech or toast. As Wedding Film Makers, including parts of these toasts are great for telling your story. The best kinds of toasts are the one’s that focus on the Bride and Groom’s relationship and why they are right for each other. We encourage you to drop a hint in your toasters ear to focus on the Bride and Grooms relationship in their speech. If they do, it’s most likely their speech will be in your wedding film, and make it that much sweeter.

7. Have a Sparkler Exit

  • Please Please Please have a sparkler exit! In our humble opinion, it is the BEST way to end a wedding. (Not to mention the best way to end a wedding film!) Look, we don’t recommend sending off lanterns into the night sky, we don’t recommend bubbles or glow sticks… and we definitely don’t recommend simply skipping an exit altogether. We want your wedding, and wedding film, to end in a magical tunnel of pretty sparks! (Just make sure to get the wedding specific sparklers, they last longer and aren’t smokey!)